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Our lead gen agency helps marketing companies get in front of their ideal clients. 
We use cold outreach to present your services to ready-to-buy leads, winning your dream deals! 




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The Benefits of a Personalised & Enriched Approach.

Lead generation in the UK can be daunting… We’ve been there, and we’re way past that. We have a unique approach to lead gen. with a strong focus on quality, not quantity. We prioritise reaching out to the right prospects, with highly personalised and enriched messaging.

  • Crafting the perfect message to the perfect prospect.
  • Giving you a unique tone of voice and making you stand out from the noise.
  • Adding value to the outreach and encouraging people to find out more.
  • Strategic thinking, putting the right plans in place.

Laser Focused Goals's Supercharged strategy provides scalability and flexibility to help you reach your business goals.

Improved ROI

Invest in a comprehensive marketing service with our holistic approach, from copy to outreach.


Our approach is data-focused with detailed research of your perfect customer, their pain-points and needs.

Get Regular Warm Leads

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing results!

Simple Approach
Done Right!

Tailored and Personalised Outreach that turns a NO into a YES.

Define and Segment Your Target Audience

We find your perfect target prospect.

Buy Domains

Your outreach should be an extension of your brand, not generail @outlook/@gmails...

Warm Up Emails

We use our top softwares to warm up your emails and avoid Spam.

Prepare Copy & Sequencing

Our expert Copywriter will craft a highly engaging and personalised copy.

Launch Campaigns

We start the campaign and the mission begins!

A/B Test & Report

We fine-tune, tweak or scale the next campaigns, to get better results on a monthly basis.

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