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We specialize in cold email outreach for B2B businesses. Our experts craft personalized emails to reach potential clients and drive conversions. With a proven track record of success, we understand the importance of targeted messaging and strategic follow-ups. Let us help you improve your outreach and increase your ROI.

We will discuss the following subjects with you: 
1. Your needs and goals: revenue, number of leads, current context…
2. Performance, if any, of previous outbound email campaigns. 
3. Company services, including pricing, sales cycle etc…
4. ICP: Target Audience, including ideal clients and persona. 

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The best lead generation service is any service that takes a custom approach and uses multiple channels to do outreach. A lead generation agency, London based, willing to change based on your individual needs and industry needs will be more effective in bringing in leads than a company that takes the same approach for each client.

Yes. 3 Months. The reason for this is that it takes time to set up the domains, emails, perfect the copy, find the right audience, A/B test the campaigns. 

Lead generation efforts that do not follow certain rules, especially regarding certain types of outreach, can be spammy. Cold calling, cold email, and outreach need to follow regulations to avoid violating certain spam laws. With a highly personalised approach, and our warm up software, we avoid spamming as much as possible. 

For every client, we pinpoint and gather pre-qualified leads tailored specifically for their needs.

Our data is exclusively fresh for each campaign; we never recycle information from prior engagements. We typically don’t acquire data from well-known vendors like Apollo unless specifically requested by the client.

Clients establish their target demographics by defining both the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for the organization and the Ideal Buyer Persona for the individual.

We then select the most relevant data sources and compile customized lists of prospects based on the defined criteria.

Our data gathering process includes:

– Defining the ICP and Buyer Personas
– Identifying suitable data sources
– Acquiring and activating data

No matter the specifics of your cold outreach strategy, you can expect the following deliverables:

– Comprehensive campaign reports detailing all key performance indicators and statuses;
– Access to a dedicated client portal for real-time tracking of ongoing campaigns;
– All email sequences and content developed specifically for your campaigns;
– Data compiled for the campaigns: you will receive a complete file of all contacts, or we can seamlessly integrate with popular CRM systems such as Hubspot, Pipedrive, and others.

Our specialist will review various billing options with you, tailored to the selected cold email service:

– Monthly Package: You will be invoiced at the start of each month. Following the initial agreed-upon commitment period, you can opt for a monthly contract that can be canceled with a 30-day notice.

– Fixed Price: Payment is structured as 50% upfront, 25% midway through the service, and the final 25% upon completion of the cold email outreach campaign.

Absolutely, our services are effective across various industries. The specific industry does not impact the success of our methods. We rely on a proven formula that includes targeting a precisely defined audience and crafting highly personalized and enriched email content. This approach has consistently delivered successful outcomes for all our clients, regardless of their industry.

You can expect exceptional results from our campaigns. Historically, we have consistently achieved a 60% open rate, a 10% response rate, and a 12% rate of calls booked. These figures surpass the industry benchmarks for a successful campaign, which are typically a 35% open rate, 9% response rate, and 10% calls booked rate. Our performance consistently exceeds these standards, ensuring you receive superior outcomes.

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